On February 28th, I completed the building of my tiny house, a four month process with the help of Adrian and Luis. Here is how it looks today:

About a year ago, my good friend, Justine, said she wanted to build a tiny house. My knowledge of tiny homes was nil. This “tiny house” concept kept popping up in my life.   Finally, I yielded to the universe and signed up for a Tumbleweed Houses workshop in Dallas.  The workshop was filled to capacity. The expertise of the audience ranged from “none” to “name it, I can build it”.  I was in the “none” category.

Beginning in 2006, I’ve been a part of the travel industry from guidebooks to websites. I recently updated Fab Placez to FAB Senior Travel.  My goal was to explore our great nation, talk to people and record what made their community a fun place to visit. Then, share this on the blog. I had the desire, but not the money. Would the tiny house be my portal to travel freedom?

Before leaving the Tumbleweed workshop, I bought my plans. I was committed to the project of a lifetime. But, where to begin? The answer was two young trim carpenters, Adrian and Luis. Winter was just around the corner and contract jobs were beginning to be scarce. We made a deal. If they would teach me to build, I would make sure they had work through the off-season. Done! Together, we studied plans, watched videos, made decisions and figured out dilemmas.  Some days the weather was almost unbearable. But, we persisted.

In the late 90’s, I spent a year in China. I made many life long friends while there. My plan is to sell loose leaf tea in order to finance my travels in the tiny house. My Chinese friends agreed to supply the tea from the Fujian Province, renown world-wide for its teas. With the help of Mary Martin and Ray Lloyd, we created the website and social media for Tiny House Teas.

Now, it’s time to make this travel dream a reality!