Elle’s Grand Adventure


The creation of Elle began from observing my female peers negotiate the frustrations of travel. My job at the time demanded a grueling international travel schedule. Travel had become so routine that I forgot how complex it could be for a less frequent traveler. I wanted to help, but shunned the idea of text only “do this” or “don’t do that.” My solution was to create a graphic novel featuring the wonderful character, Elle, created and drawn by John Palamidy. Elle is 63 and recently widowed. As a lifetime homemaker, she finds herself wanting to travel. She receives no encouragement until her alter ego (Sheila) appears on the scene. Sheila shows Elle how to pack, apply for a passport, reserve air and hotel, provide a Master Travel List, and delineates the safety issues. A copy of Elle’s Grand Adventures would make a great gift for the mature travel lady in your life.

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