Vote for me

My Destination is hosting the Biggest, Baddest Bucket List contest….and I’m a contestant.  I’m a contestant who needs your vote!

Each contestant submitted a 3 minute destination video, a blog and 3 photos. My video was on Austin. My blog was about Beijing as were the photos.  Justine Spinoza did a great job editing the Austin video. Click here to see the video on You Tube.

The winning contestant gets 6 months, 6 continents all expenses paid.

So far I only have 21 votes. Voting is easy.  Click here.  This will take you to my page on the My Destination website.

Next:  Click on one of the social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+). That’s it! You just voted for me.

Unlike the politicians you voted for in Washington, if I win, I promise my blogs will be fun and exciting…and I will keep that promise.