In about two years from now, London will host the 2012 Olympics. She is busy painting, building, and spiffying up for your arrival.

No question that London is one of the great cities of the world. Her history is chocked full of war, conquest, love, betrayal, and remarkable feats of bravery. From the days of Queen Boudicca through great fires and plagues, domination over the seas, and world wars this diminutive island remains a world leader.

If your travels take you even close to the UK, don’t hesitate to carve out a few days from your schedule to get a taste and feel for this dynamic city, London.

Friday: Arrival between 9-9:30 am

Time Venue
9 - 9:30am London Sundial

London Mint

Tower of London

11:30-Noon Tower Bridge
Noon - 1 pm

Brown’s Café and Brassiere

Shades Piazza Sandwich Bar

1:30 -2:45pm Design Museum
3 - 5:00 pm More London

London Sundial

Get the highlights of London history as you circle the sundial.Visit website

London Mint Tower of London

Make a note of where money was once minted as you pass by the Royal London Mint. Then, proceed on to a tour of the Tower of London.Visit website

Tower Bridge

Stroll along one of London’s most famous icos, Tower Bridge.Visit website

Brown's Cafe and Brassiere | Shades Piazza Sandwich Bar

Time for lunch can be a delightful varied menu at Brown’s or a light meal at Shades Piazza. Either one will be a fun experience.Visit website

Design Museum

The only museum of its kind devoted to everyday thing. Definitely worth your time to browse around.Visit website

More London

This area of London is known as More London. Located here is City Hall, the Scoop, fountains and cafes.  A great place to relaxed and do some people-watching.Visit website

Saturday: Full day of activities

Time Venue
9 - 9:15am Gregg's
9:30 - 10am Trafalgar Square
10- 11:45am National Gallery
Noon - 1pm St. Martin-in-the-fields
1:30 - 2pm TKTS Kiosk
2:15- 3:15pm Westminster Abbey
3:30- 4:15pm

House of Parliament and

Big Ben

5:00 - ? Covent Garden


Gregg’s is a London staple for fresh, delicious breads, croissants and muffins. Grab a bag full as you begin you busy walk.Visit website

Trafalgar Square

Nothing says “London” more than Trafalgar Square. People enjoying the fountains, climbing on the bronze lions and gazing up at Nelson’s column. You can’t come to London without standing in Trafalgar Square!Visit website

National Gallery

Truly a beautiful museum. If you don’t want to spend the day here, just rent one of the free audio guides and visit the most popular pieces. You will come away with a good feel for this venerable museum.Visit website

St. Martin-in-the-fields

The Crypt, just to the right of the church, is a great place to have a healthy and inexpensive meal. The architecture of this Crypt is fascinating.Visit website

TKTS Kiosk

If theater is on your radar, TKTS should be on your agenda. Here you can purchase same-day, discount theater tickets for all the live performances in London.Visit website

Westminster Abbey

The Abbey is the official church for British Royalty’s burials and coronations. History was made here from the time of William the Confessor from 1045-1050.Visit website

Houses of Parliament and Big Ben

Here is where British government takes place. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell in St. Stephen’s Tower.Visit website

Covent Garden

You’ve had a busy day, now it’s time to play. At Covent Garden you can eat, drink, be entertained and shop.Visit website

Sunday: Morning activities only/assuming plane leaves in afternoon

Time Venue
10 - 11:30am Museum of London and the Roman Wall
11:30am-1pm Barbican Center
1:30 - 3pm

St. Paul's Cathedral

3:30 - 5 pm Tate Modern Museum
5:30- ? The Globe Theatre

Museum of London and the Roman Wall

Even if you aren’t a museum buff, this one will entertain you.Visit website

Barbican Center

Time for lunch? Here’s a place where you can find whatever satisfies that tummy craving.Visit website

St. Paul’s Cathedral

Christopher Wren’s masterpiece, St. Paul’s. You can choose to walk over 600 stairs to the top of the dome or just wander around in the crypt. Whatever you do, this is the heart of London.Visit website

Tate Modern Museum

Free admission to a rocking museum. The Tate is located in the renovated Bankside Turbine building. You can get a bite to eat or drink, wander around and see some of the greatest art in the world.Visit website

The Globe Center

Sam Wanamaker had a goal to build a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. The Globe opened in 1997, four years after his death. Buy a ticket of as little as 5 GBP and enjoy a reenactment of one of the Bard’s best.Visit website

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