This 13 acre complex, known as More London, houses City Hall, The Scoop (an amphitheater), office buildings, restaurants and an open air pedestrian area with fountains.

More London - City Hall, Tower Bridge in the background and the open pedestrian area

More London is located in Southwark, adjacent to Tower Bridge and on the South Bank of the River Thames.

City Hall is an odd egg-shaped glass building constructed to capitalize on energy efficiency.  However, its shape has generated nicknames, such as The Onion.  Boris Johnson, Mayor of London, daubed it The Glass Gonad.  It is most fortunate that The Gerkin, a private office complex just across the Thames, is not juxtaposed to the Glass Gonad, otherwise, all the male reproductive organs would be nicely coupled!What makes City Hall most fascinating is the interior helix staircase. Truly a photographer’s dream.  At a cost of 65 million pounds, City Hall is not owned by the GLA, but has a 25 year lease.

Helix staircase at City Hall in London

The Scoop offers free summer programs from live theater to music to films to community events. It seats 800 and is located in the shadow of City Hall.

On your next visit to London, drop in at More London to relax, have lunch or just people watch.