Construction on the Olympic Stadium, The Wave and the Olympic village is progressing.

Last week the foundation for the track was being completed on the Stadium. Also, the lights have been installed.

London Olympic Stadium in May, 2009

Comparison of construction progress for the London 2012 Stadium in Stratford.

London 2012 Olympic Stadium in June 2010

London 2012 Olympic Stadium - installation of lights

The Wave where the aquatic events will be held is looking like…a wave.

The Wave in 2009

The canals are being dredged, old structures are being replaced with new housing.

Modern housing, but is it affordable?

The Wave in 2010

The Stratford area of London has always been a multi-cultural area and home to some of London’s poorest residents.  I don’t know yet how much “affordable” housing is being constructed. But, I’m on a mission to find out the answer.  When I tried to interview people working with the project (whether they had on suits or green fluorescent jackets) everyone was guarded in what they said. Just keep digging until the picture gets more focused.  The change in government from Gordon Brown to David Cameron will have some impact. Not sure yet, how much spending will be cut.