London’s Boris Bikes (Barclays Cycle Hire) are the Rolls Royce of bikes. Nothing fast, but sturdy and easy to ride. Bikes are located throughout London. The first 30 minutes are FREE. How could you beat a deal like that? Steps for renting Boris Bikes: 1. Insert your credit or debit card at the kiosk next to the blue and white bikes. 2. The machine will issue you a 5 digit code. 3. Key in the code at the bike station. 4. When the light turns green, un-dock your bike. 5. Hop-on and off you go to your destination. 6. When you arrive, re-dock your bike. The light turns green and you’re off to exploring. If you need more than 30 minutes, the cost is minimal. An hour is only 1 British pound. There just isn’t a better transportation deal in London. The bikes are operated by Transport for London.