Scott’s Pizza Tours is a yummy way to visit and sample the major players of New York City’s Pizza Wars. I promise when you finish Scott’s walking (or do the bus one) pizza tour, your tummy will be stuffed with the best pizza pie in NYC.

Ray’s Pizza at 27 Prince Street will shut the door at the end of this month. For 52 years Ray’s (which didn’t need to advertise itself as “original”) has been dishing out great pizza to us common folk and celebrities alike. A visit to Ray’s might bring you face-to-face with Mark Wahlberg or Leonardo DiCaprio.  Raffie Cuomo, who opened Ray’s Pizzeria 52 years ago with his brother, wasn’t making great pizza for the rich and famous. He loved the business and his customers.

Rumor has it that Ray Cuomo was a member of the Luchese crime family of heroin trafficking fame. Investigations into Mr. Cuomo’s activities were on-going throughout the decades and he even served some prison time before his death in 2008.

Will Ray’s re-open in another location? Can it retain that same pizza goodness it is so famous for?  No one knows.

One thing for sure, Ray’s Pizza at 27 Prince Street will be missed!