Let’s face it, if there’s one search that is abnormally time-consuming, it must be searching for the best airfare. Ok, maybe right after the search for love, happiness and the meaning of life. And the worst thing about it is that despite the number of online metadata search engines, results are pretty much the same everywhere.

In 2011, it was revealed by the Los Angeles Times that “almost 20% of travelers spent five or more hours shopping and booking flights, according to a survey by a division of technology giant IBM Corp.” while nearly “40% of business travelers spent at least two hours shopping and booking.” If you are one of them, my advice is simple: buy some time. I mean, literally!  Start a contest to get YOU the best price on airfare.

How does it work?

Darjeelin is a human powered flight search engine. Darjeelin is a crowd sourcing platform that allows you to source your flight search to experts by creating a contest. Hey… we ARE smarter than machines!

Launch your flight contest
Describe your flight by filling in the boxes and telling us what you need.

Collaborate with the experts
Flight experts then submit flights to compete for your prize. Make sure you answer their questions and provide feedback on their proposals. The more you say, the better.

Choose your favorite flight
At the completion of your contest, you’ll need to pick the best flight and award a winner. You’ll then receive the booking details in order to do immediately book your flight.

Offer a fee to the best expert

STOP wasting time, STOP wasting money and hand it over to our experts. In order to motivate the experts, you need to pay a fee for the contest that will be awarded to the best flight proposal. The amount of the fee is fixed: 20 € ($26.00). On average, our experts will save you 20-30 % on your airfare ! And if you find anything cheaper, we’ll pay you back immediately.

How it looks on the website:

At Darjeelin, we built a community made of these amazing people that we humbly name “experts”. They will fight to give you the best airfare prices possible.

Stop wasting those precious five hours of searching when for approximately $26.00 you can save 20% – 30% on your airline ticket.  Get rid of the stress and start having fun.

About Teddy Belade:

Teddy is a 25yr old French Business Developer for Darjeelin, a startup made of 4 people, that is currently headquartered in one of France’s best incubators. She is a foreign languages junkie contemplating the world as a playground to fulfill this passion. When she is not traveling, she enjoys helping others to travel and share experiences. “