In case you’re losing sleep over where to book your 2012 travel destination, make it London.  The city is primping for the onslaught of visitors. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics are the big ticket items. However, the great thing about London is that something fun is always happening. Whether you want sports, music, theater, museums, shopping…London has your ticket.

David Ingham, Ian P. Hardy (both Brits) and I wrote this guide. We designed  10 walks around the most interesting places in London and a couple outside London. The beauty of the book is that you can explore London without having to take a tour. You pick your time, see what you want to see.

Maps and direction keys make it virtually impossible to get lost. You have a step-by-step guide so you arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to explore.

Each walk has loads of pictures (thanks to Ian) and information (thanks to David). As you walk around, for instance…Trafalgar Square, we point out important things about the place so you get a feel for what you’re seeing. You get more than a “hummm” experience.

Here’s my offer: send me an email ( that you want a copy of Walk London. I’ll send you the paper book (if you want the Kindle go to Amazon) for 1/2 price. Instead of paying Amazon $16.95, you get the book for $8.00. I’ll also split the shipping.  Add $2.00 for shipping. That’s a total of $10.00. This offer is good only from January 12th – January 19th when our next week blog on Chicago is released.

An aside about the Kindle version:

The Kindle version is well done. The Kindle version has links to videos about what you are reading. These are active links. You can click on a link and …zip…you’re watching a video. Now that’s cool!