The definition of perfection is to have everything just right without a single constraint.  That’s Eagle Island.

When I think of an island, visions of body numbing hours on a plane or sea-sickening boat rides come to mind. Not true of Eagle Island.  Darien, Georgia is your port-of-call, a one hour drive from Jacksonville, Florida airport or the same drive-distance from downtown Savannah, Georgia. Once you arrive in Darien, Capt. Andy (owner of Private Islands of Georgia) will meet you at the dock and treat you to a twenty minute boat ride to the island.  Don’t lift a finger. Your luggage is transported to the lodge for you. Special food requests are in the frig or pantry. Now you know the hidden secret of Eagle Island: easy access to a secluded adventure.

From the dock (check the crab trap before you leave the dock), trellises  led you to the opening. There, the two-story lodge awaits you.

Eagle Island lodge

The balcony surrounds the second floor where you can stretch out with a good book or soak in the hot-tub.  The kitchen is fully appointed. Get toasty warm in front of the fireplace or tell ghost stories at the outside fire pit. When those eyelids get heavy, slip into luxurious bedding as the sounds of nature lull you to sleep.

Food is always high on my list. Capt. Andy’s Low Country Boil is a high point for an Eagle Island stay. Fresh crab, sweet Georgia shrimp, corn, carrots, potatoes and the Captain’s special spices.

Prepared at the lower landing outdoor kitchen, guests gather for evening beverages and swapping stories. Then,  it’s time to dig-in to a meal to remember.

One of my favorite activities is to grab a fishing pole, some shrimp and head down to the dock. Maybe I won’t snag the big one, but something is always nibbling on the line. If you are seeking more adrenaline, kayaking around the inlets will open your vistas to the back-barrier reef islands.

If you prefer a guided tour, contact Danny Grissette at Altamaha Coastal Tours.

Nature hiking and sunning on beaches are only a few more of the options available.

To book your reservation on Eagle Island, call (912) 222-0801 or email