Justine and I had researched Nashville, packed our bags and booked our hotel. What we didn’t expect when we arrived in Nashville was…rain.  How do your have fun between the rain drops? We were getting ready to find out.

Here are some Travel Tips from our creative (and inexpensive) ways to enjoy the moment in any location, even if it is raining…or just fowl weather.

Tip #1.  Begin with the city’s Convention and Visitor’s Bureau website. Nashville has several: http://www.visitmusiccity.com Here is where you’ll find a calendar of events, things to do and see and discount ticket information.

Tip #2. Even on rainy days, tours run. In fact, tour companies know that on rainy days, their business will increase because people won’t be walking as much. We found Music City Trolley Hop.  $20/person buys you an all-day ticket. This is incredibly inexpensive city transportation. First, we road the tour bus from beginning to end, making notes on places we wanted to video. Since a tour bus arrives at each destination every 20 minutes, you’re never without a ride to the next stop.

Tip #3. Walking in the rain isn’t all bad because…it’s so easy to duck into a music venue on Broadway. People watch (dancing always happenin’) or get your own boots a scootin’.

Tip #4. Partake of the local cuisine. Whether it’s BBQ or quiche, there is a specialty of the city that shouldn’t be missed. Justine and I found Rotier’s Restaurant at 2413 Elliston Place.  Rotier’s has been in the same family since Grand Dad, John, started it in 1945. Little has changed over the years. The cheeseburgers are served on French Bread. Notably, Jimmy Buffet got his inspiration for his Cheeseburger in Paradise song right here at Rotier’s.  If you don’t believe it, ask Justen to show you the framed plaque.

Tip #5. Visit all the landmarks in the city. Ok, as many as you want to see.  There is a reason you’ve chosen to visit this city, so take in the sites.

One of the places Justine and I wanted to visit was American Pickers, as seen on the History Channel. They have opened a location in Nashville at the renovated Marathon Automobile Factory (known as Marathon Village).  American Pickers isn’t the only super place to visit at the village. Garage Coffee offers delicious coffee, tea and sweets as a pick-me-up while you wait for the next bus to arrive.  If coffee is too tame for you, the Corsair Artisan Distillery is located behind the main Marathon building.

Tip #6. Talk to people.  People (local or visitors like yourself) are willing to share information, give directions or just be friendly. Justine and I had heard about the famous Pancake Pantry where there is always a line out the door for their pancakes. Sure enough, when we arrived, people were standing, umbrellas in hand, waiting for a table. We did some interviews and discovered that locals as well as visitors loved these pancakes.

Tip #7. Look for the unique. Finding the unique places in a city is easier than you might think. Your tour guide is a great resource. Not only can he tell you little known facts about the city, but also let you in on unique places. Our tour guide told us about Printer’s Alley, known as the Men’s Quarter in the late 19th century, where ladies of the evening peddled their trade. Over time, the alley served as a venue for such great country singers as Chet Atkins, Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings.

What about you? Do you have any travel tips to add to this list?  Just comment below.