Eddie’s Fun delivers you directly to the action by taking you into private Italian
homes, through local villages, and to local hotspots!  Eddie and his tour “buddies”
give private tours in Rome that are specifically designed for introducing groups to
locals who assist in providing an exciting and genuine adventure of the city. The
most fun and fastest track to learn about a foreign city is by interacting with the
people who live there. Eddie’s Fun is the alternative to the standard sightseeing tour
in Rome and has been growing in popularity since Eddie began giving tours many
years ago. Here are a couple examples of their most popular tours.

Tour a new city and meet new friends

But remember, Eddie’s Fun offers all kinds of day and evening, customizable tours!
1. Eddie Day Tour (7 hours):
• Breakfast and coffee at a typical Italian pasticceria.
• Tour around the oldest and most common inter city neighborhoods to meet some of my friends and other
casual natives along the way. (This adventure will give you a real insight into how Romans live and their culture.)
• Lunch at my ALL‐TIME favorite Italian restaurant! It’s slightly south of Rome in the country side of Castelli Romani; an enchanting small
town which is known for prestigious wine and olive oil. (Tasting the food
that comes from Castelli Romani, in itself is worth a trip to Italy!) Eat
hand‐made pasta and Rome’s masterpiece specialties like amatriciana and carbonara.
• Travel back to the center of Rome for a gelato tasting tour at three of the
most well known magnificent gelato shops.
2. Tommy Day Tour (6 hours):
• Breakfast inside of Rome’s infamous Castel St. Angelo over looking the city. The view from the top of Castel St. Angelo has been considered by some to be the most
fascinating area in the world. It will leave you breathless.

Romantic Italy

• Tour of the impressive Villa Borghese park in a rowboat with only your couple. Over 70 acres of lush gardens filled with winding paths, swans, brilliantly colored
flowers and water spouting from ancient fountains and pools.
• Lunch will be served to you in the gardens allowing the two of you to enjoy the romantic scenery around you.

You will also enjoy several features that are
included in every tour:

• Two tour guides, one of which is a native Roman,
• A local cell phone for any questions/comments
during your stay in Rome,
• Private online photo gallery of your tour,
• Accommodation recommendations and discounts,
• Tourist trap protection,
• 24‐hr operator assistance for city navigation.
After you take a tour with Eddie’s Fun, you’ll feel more like a local and have friends that you can always rely on for any advice you may have, even for future trips. Our

New places...new friends

tours are guaranteed and proven to be something that will not only be unforgettable, but you’ll be telling all your friends about too.
If you would like to learn more about Eddie’s Fun visit
their website at www.eddiesfun.com and click on Rome
Tour Packages to see all tours. You can book directly from
the tour page or email Eddie at eddie@eddiesfun.com.