Whether or not you are a skier, this video about the children, men and women who aspire to ski when those around them are saying…you can’t, you’re disabled, will impress you as to the greatness of the human spirit.

One cold November morning, I was walking toward the Winter Park lodge for orientation training. I had been hired as a sales person at one of the mountain ski shops. As I walked up the passage, I looked at the face of the mountain to see the dot of a skier zipping down the course.

Not unusual, you say. But, this skier was not typical. He only had one leg.  I waited for him at the bottom of the hill as his rooster tail spray flew into the cold Colorado air. There he was standing before me. “Hi! I said. “Great job.” My curiosity was piqued. I introduced myself and gently posed some questions. He told me about NSCD (National Sports Center for the Disabled) headquartered in an office directly behind me.

I wanted to know more about NSCD…lots more. My first lucky meeting was with  Hal O’Leary, who founded the program in the 1960’s.  We sat in his office late one Friday evening. Hal meticulously told me the history of NSCD  and its mission. My objective was to document (video) this fantastic program.

During the next two months Hal used his influence to connect me with NSCD’s leaders and managers. Connections in a small community work like magic. Before long,  I was introduced to Charles Agar (videographer) and Art Ferarri (photographer). When they heard about the NSCD project, they joined the project. Then, the time came to interview the volunteers, the angels that make NSCD the jewel it has always been. Each volunteer was passionate about his or her mission. Sally Speas has been helping young and old learn to ski for thirty years. Now that is dedication.

If you are planning a ski trip this season, Winter Park has many advantages:

  • Easy flight to and from Denver
  • One-hour drive to the resort (or take the train)
  • Great amenities, ice-skating rink, gondola, food and accommodations

The best reason to visit Winter Park is to experience the volunteers and participants of the NSCD program. It is great to talk to both…the skiers and the students. You can be a part of this incredible program. Click to Donate to the NSCD program.

Make a difference in another person’s life.

How to Get There:

  • Winter Park is a short 1-1/2 hour drive from Denver.
  • Fly into Denver. Rent a car. Easy drive to Winter Park.
  • If you want an inexpensive place to stay, take a quick 20 minute drive to Fraser. There are nice places to stay that won’t drain your wallet.