Max Weissberg’s soon to be released film, Summertime, is a special treat for the Gad About Gals blog.

Here’s the synopsis of the film:

Eight people unknowingly form a circle – either through a friendship, attempted love, or brief sexual encounter. The tighter their circle gets, the more the spokes begin to twist and to bend. One of the persons in the circle is Julia, an actress, who thinks she’s gotten her big break when she lands the role of Anya, the daughter of a Russian arms dealer. The director of the film has some radical theories on directing and believes that Julia, instead of relying on lines and a script, must become Anya. She must learn how to negotiate with hit men, handle a gun and enter into the mind of a criminal. When Julia finds out she is not the only “Anya,” however, the circle begins to break.

Words are all well and good, but the most fun is to see the trailer:  

Max needs our contributions (small, medium or large) to complete the audio mix for the film.  Please visit his kickstarter website to contribute to Max’s project.

The Summertime website has equally as beautiful images as the film. Don’t pass up this opportunity to browse, especially the still photos.

Thank you for helping to keep independent film making alive and well.