The Santa Barbara area is known as the American Riviera because of its climate, easygoing pace, friendly people, no hassle atmosphere and manageable size of 20 square miles.

Top tourist landmarks:

  • Courthouse
  • El Presidio de Santa Bárbara
  • The Mission
  • Sterns Wharf
  • State Street
  • Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Our video puts pictures into our words to describe these Santa Barbara landmarks:

The 1925 earthquake leveled the town. But Santa Barbara turned disaster into opportunity when they rebuilt the city using the popular Spanish Colonial Revival Architecture. The transformation was both remarkable and consistent throughout the community which made Santa Barbara visually appealing.

Confined to a relatively small 20 square mile area,

The Map (Santa Barbara)

the city is easy to navigate even for first time visitors. Santa Barbara emits an atmosphere of friendly down-home accessibility yet offers up-scale markets.

Things to do include beaches, boutiques, wineries, art galleries, opera, plays, hiking, water activities…Plus…luxury every where…shopping, spas, hotels and restaurants.

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If you are in search of the perfect travel destination, put Santa Barbara at the top of your list.