Want to do some Mountain Biking, but that isn’t on your partner’s Bucket List…not even at the bottom of the page?

The answer is Sacred Rides for couples.

No longer will you have that guilty feeling leaving your partner at home or at the hotel while you go out for one of the greatest adventures of your life. He/she will be participating in activities of her/his liking…hiking, yoga, hot springs, soaking in a spa. If that isn’t dreamy enough, how about an introductory mountain bike lesson? That might even spark the interest for future mountain bike trips.

When you’re not on a Singletrack Ride, there are more great adventures in store: swimming in back-country lakes and a group paddle down the Kootenay River. What river, you ask? The Kootenary. It’s in British Columbia.  Here’s a map:

Also, here’s a video of the Kootenary River area. Now you don’t have to do those jumps and mid-air tricks on your bike.  I promise. But, notice those cute kids. If they can do this, so can you.

Are you up for this ride?

You want to be an experienced mountain bike rider. This is NOT for the first timer…I just bought this bike today… kind of ride. You can handle moderate to challenging climbs and technical terrain. You can ride 4-5 hours at a moderate pace. You’re OK with rocks and small obstacles. Difficulty 7/9.

Your partner should be reasonably fit and active; and, of course, love the outdoors.

The instructors and expert guides are always there for you.

Give me more information:

Cost:  $2,395 CAD

Deposit:  $479

Type of Ride:  Bring Your Partner

Duration:  8 days

Time of year:  June – September

Location:  Schedule includes trips to British Columbia and Peru

Contact: http://www.sacredrides.com