What would you think if you discovered that you can go on vacation, experience amazing sights, stay in luxury accommodation, and leave a legacy through meaningful interaction via volunteering or philanthropy?

Well, it is possible.

Hands Up Holidays enables you to do exactly this. Your trips are tailor-made to your exact preferences and requirements to ensure that your impact is maximized.

You’re never too old to volunteer!

Giving a helping hand

You may feel unsure about whether or not you are up to volunteering – that is natural. Perhaps building a house is not for you (although it can be!) but you can always use your cerebral talents, for instance by being a reading partner to a struggling student, or help a bright student practice their English.

You no doubt have a lot of skills and experience to offer, and we match them to make it easy for you to share them in a context where you have peace of mind about safety and you don’t have to organize anything – leave that to us!

Ladies making a difference

Another option for you to make a difference in a community is a philanthropic vacation. With a philanthropic vacation you still get immersed in a community, understand their needs, and then get to assist through financing the project.

Either way, you get to make a difference in peoples’ lives, in an enduring way. Be the change.

What does a volunteer vacation with Hands Up Holidays look like?

Once you get in touch, our staff will consult with you to help you prepare the optimal itinerary for you, asking questions like:

–         What skills do you have that you would like to use to make a difference?

–         How active do you want to be, both whilst volunteering and sightseeing?

–         When do you want to travel?

–         Do you have any preferred destinations in mind?

–         How many days do you want to volunteer for, and how many days do you want to go  sightseeing?

–         Do you prefer large hotels with lots of facilities or smaller, boutique hotels with arguably more character and charm?

With this information, we can speak with our community partners and find a match for your skills and interests with the needs of the community, and then we build your itinerary around that.

It typically works best to put the volunteering/philanthropy component in the middle of your vacation, with time at the start to acclimate, get to know your guide, and see some sights, and then have some down-time at the end to relax, and reflect upon your experience making a difference in the community. As all trips are tailor-made, we can structure it exactly how you like it!

To find out more, visit www.handsupholidays.com (or, for your company to experience an incentive trip that helps with team building and helps improve your company’s CSR reputation, visit www.handsupincentives.com) or email me directly at chris@handsupholidays.com.

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