Have you ever felt unsure of yourself? Ever shied away from tackling a project just because you didn’t know how?

Meet Elle! Heroine of Elle’s Grand Adventure.


Elle is 63, recently widowed and taking a hard look at her life. She sits in front of the Travel Channel and dreams of being a participant instead of a spectator in all those adventures.  But, Elle doesn’t know where to begin. Her best friend, Mary Ann, scolds her for having such outrageous travel ideas: “There are terrorists out there!”

Frustrated, Elle gives up…until Sheila, her biker-chick alter-ego, materializes on the scene. Tattoos blazing, cigarette smoking, beer guzzling Sheila steps in to help Elle satisfy her life long travel dreams.

Elle Meets Sheila

Elle’s begining:

Elle came to life in the early 2000’s when I was flying one of those numbingly long flights to Asia. I began watching people struggle with every aspect of travel from security to luggage to passports. Elle’s story was born. People, mature women specifically, have flight issues. Impossibly heavy luggage. The maze of passport application. Clothing…always an issue.
Because there is nothing that tells a story better than pictures, I opted for a graphic novel format instead of the printed word. I contacted a friend of mine, John Palamidy, cartoonist extraordinaire. He immediately liked Elle and agreed to transform my words into pictures.  Once accomplished, we called upon Linda Stiefler, talented graphic artist, to make Elle the colorful character we all envisioned.

So, if you or someone you know wants to travel, but is a bit confused by all the travel mumbo-jumbo, here’s the perfect gift. When she turns that last page of Elle’s story, you won’t be able to keep her home.

For a mere $10.95, here’s a solution to at least some of your holiday shopping needs.

Click here to purchase your copy from Amazon.com.  Happy traveling!