This clever young man needed a “mask” for the annual Brazilian Carnival in Austin, Texas. What could be more up-to-the minute than an enlarged Facebook page (his Facebook page to be specific). He cut out a large rectangle to look like a photo. As he moved through the audience of approximately 6,000 half-nude revelers, everyone wanted to “friend” him. Gorgeous painted bodies would Samba up, have their picture made (along side of his) and write on his “wall”.

Now this puts a whole new twist to “pick-up-line”.  Let’s just say, he didn’t go home alone.

Carnaval Brasileiro is in its 35th edition and was held at the Palmer Events Center on Feb. 4th. The tradition began at The University of Texas when Brazilian students missed the gaiety of their famous celebration. Instead of sulking, they just created their own Carnival away from home.

Mike Quinn, who hosts a Latin American music radio show,  produces this event. His love of Brazilian Samba has brought names such as Milton Mascimento and Egberto Gismonti to Austin to perform.

I know for sure that Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is out of my reach. Maybe you feel the same. However, next year let’s plan to meet in Austin to show off, do some Samba and celebrate Carnival.  I’ll bring my Facebook page!